4 x pocket swaps – all done

the call went out from the online group cloth paper studio for 2 more pockets from particpants

not a problem – i think they’re great fun to make

latest pockets (no. 3 + 4)

earlier pockets (nos. 1 + 2)

hands, hearts and rainbow colours (cont.)

today, I finished the quilt top that I posted about yesterdayImage

the blue batik border fabric wasn’t quite long enough, so I added thin pink batik strips on the ends

a miscalculation in the top and bottom borders meant a bit more tweaking (note the extra ‘sashing’ strips in pink)Image

well, they do say that every mistake is a creative opportunity!

hands, hearts and rainbow colours

it all began when people close to me were going through a hard time

i asked some stitching friends to make either a hand or a heart square to put into a friendship quilt

we ended up with 24 squares

i’ve stitched them together in groups of 4, and this morning i cut the rest of the sashing and the borders

when we present them with the finished quilt i’ll ask their permission for a photo – stay tuned …