an amazing discovery

recently i posted a series of instalments showing the development of my 3 rivers art quilt/scroll

on the back is a very striking hand dyed and printed fabric in red and black

it’s been in my stash for years, and i was so pleased to finally find a use for it

when beth verschoyle’s true nature exhibition was launched at my gallery recently, i had the almost completed 3 rivers on a table in the nearby studio
beth looked at it, then turned it over and asked, ‘where did you find this red and black fabric?’
i explained that i’d had it a long time, and that it had either been found in an op shop or had been given to me
then she dropped the bombshell
she said, ‘i dyed and printed that fabric!’
when i asked her when that was, she replied ‘about 40 years ago!’
how amazing is that!?!

quilting done – 3 rivers (cont.)

after doing some reverse sewing* i finished the quilting on friday

yesterday i started stitching some black buttons from my stash onto the brown rectangles

i also added some writing with black textile pen

i think i’m pretty happy with it so far …

to find out more about this project, click on the links below

[* by ‘reverse sewing’ i mean unpicking … some of the quilting just didn’t work out]

3 rivers

this quilt may end up being a scroll

a quilt – or scroll – that is about genocide, oppression, death … oh, and being sorry, and forgiveness, and hope

it is also about 3 rivers (more about that later)

the back is pieced from 2 ‘found’ fabrics – one commercial, one hand printed

all the fabrics on the front have been designed, printed, dyed and/or painted by me (except for the little brown rectangles)

i’m now thinking about how i will quilt the layers

sweep the air within

a series of drawings and ‘found’ poetry on rusted book pages

collectively, the poetry reads like this:

sweep the air within
song of rivers
overflowing sound today
warm green life

[now you know where my avatar came from …]

p.s. – to see what i did with these drawings, click here