Lightbulb moment

Finally worked out what to do with these mini canvases – I’ve only had them for 3 or 4 years! I steamed the papers after layering them with rusty iron nails and eucalyptus leaves. Papers first dipped in iron water.  
‘Landmarks’ – limited edition original eco prints by Rita Summers, signed, numbered and dated. Size: 8 cm x 10 cm (including canvas).


Received this email today – been waiting to find out for over a month:

Dear Rita,


Your work, “The Random Years”, has been accepted into the 2014 Blarney Books & Art Biblio-Art Exhibition, and will be judged alongside the other entries for a possible Grand Prize of $1500.

Our Grand Prize judges for this year’s competition are Deborah Klein and Essie Warmuth! They’ll have their work cut out for them!

Thank you for being a part of this wonderful competition.

Kindest regards,

Jo & Dean Canham
Blarney Books & Art





more cards on redbubble

more of my ‘art’ cards are available on redbubble – photography this time (click here to view and/or purchase)

also available as matted prints

art photo by Rita Summers

crochet as applique

i thought it was time to share my ‘other’ creative side

as a mixed media artist, crochet is only one medium i use

i love to make art from all sorts of fabrics, threads, found objects and so on

i also love to dye and rust fabrics and paper (to see more, click here to visit my gone rustic blog)

sometimes crochet ‘crosses over’ … in the artworks shown here i have used crochet as applique

apron for a driad


flying free

for sale – click here

sweep the air within

a series of drawings and ‘found’ poetry on rusted book pages

collectively, the poetry reads like this:

sweep the air within
song of rivers
overflowing sound today
warm green life

[now you know where my avatar came from …]

p.s. – to see what i did with these drawings, click here