8 funky little birds

finally finished all the birds i started making before christmas

quite a little flock … all made from my original secrets fabric designsfunky little birds 1 + 2, a - rita summers

for sale – click here

secrets – and 1 became 2

i’ve stitched another funky little birdsecrets - bird 2 - rita summers

it seems to get along very well with bird no. 1secrets - birds 1 +  2 c- rita summers

their dangly legs and loopy feathers make me smilesecrets - birds 1 + 2 b - rita summers

so… i’ve now made 8 altogether!

they’re all made from various designs in my original secrets fabric collection

[more photos next post]


this is the first of a series of blog posts about my new fabric and wallpaper designs

the first featured collection is secrets, based on my original drawings with text

click here to view the entire collection

or to view this example, click on the image below (leaf 2)

secrets - leaf 2

[to see the original drawings, click here]

shadows fading

over the last few years i’ve been working on several series of drawings on the backs of old railway tickets

this series is called unlocked

here’s one of them – to see more, click here

secrets 2

some more pages from my altered book/visual journal …

a spread which i’ve titled regret

another spread, called confidence

another, called debt of love

and the last one for this post: learn peace (easier said than done) –

not for sale