Getting ready …

… to hand stitch some appliqué circles – silk top, silk appliqué, silk thread.

This top was pale pink originally; steamed for 2 hours after dipping in tea, then layering with red rhododendron flowers and red onion skins. The applique fabric was dyed in purple carrot water + alum, then layered with leaves and brown onion skins and steamed for 1.5 hours. Both were wrapped around a rusty trampoline spring.

Lots of pinning …

I was worried about working with this fabric – it is quite slippery! 

I made this from an eco dyed piece of new (unused) vintage silk satin; teamed here with an eco dyed vintage cami. Vintage pattern (Style 4043).


Some vintage silk, steamed for 1.5 hours after layering with red onion skins and the leaves of a local unknown bushy plant, and wrapped around an old trampoline spring.

This fabric has a few holes in it because of its age, but I’m sure I can do something with it!