another journal cover

trapped threads under organza and lace with thin wadding and interfacing; layers fused together and machine stitched; couched yarn added



journal cover series continues

stitched layers of hand-coloured organza, dyed lace, fabric scraps and thread snippings; background is Japanese fabric fused onto thin wadding (mini journals are moleskines)





or to be precise – everyone seems to be smiling today

this is the name of the sketchbook i’ve just sent to new york for the sketchbook project

sketchbook 2013 - rita summers 1 sketchbook 2013 - rita summers 2to see all the pages, click here

7 days, 7 collages and 1 magazine – not quite

1 day, 1 magazine and 6 collages

[to see the first 8 collages (using another magazine) please click here]


rebound, filled with original drawings, stiched and folded … to see more, go to storylines

not for sale