Eco prints on paper

I’m pretty pleased with these! Here are 3 of the 14 papers I did on Tuesday, using leaves gathered from our front yard. I dipped the papers in either tea or iron water before layering, and steamed them for 1.5 hours. More photos here.

Rust and Relaxation

Shouldn’t that read Rest and Relaxation? Well yes, and no.

My idea of relaxing (having given myself the day off) is making. So that’s what I’m doing!

I dug out some vintage linens which I eco dyed some time ago, and wrapped them around rusty pieces of iron after dipping them in a vinegar/water solution (a 1920’s cotton slip, a Victorian chemise, doileys and several table napkins). Now all I have to do is wait for the sun to do the rest. Not that it’s very sunny today but I can hope.


Next, I decided to try the steaming method for eco printing. Three tops – two silk and one cotton – were layered with various combinations of eucalyptus and banksia leaves, onion skins and red dahlia flowers. I also used foil in two of the bundles as a ‘blanket’ to hopefully influence the colour and give some separation to the layers.


After allowing the bundles to steam for 1.5 hours, I opened them at various intervals to see if that made any difference. Next time I don’t think I’ll wait!

I’m pretty happy with my first try at eco printing using the steaming method. Here is silk top no. 1:

And silk top no. 2:

And last but not least, top no. 3, which is cotton:

I have a few thoughts on how I can improve on it though! How about you?

steamfest in tasmania

husband, daughter and i spent an enjoyable (if very hot) few hours at the annual steamfest event today, in the ‘mural town’ of sheffieldSteamfest 13 - March 2013

husband was keen to see vintage steam engines and vintage cars so we let him go off on his ownSteamfest 18 - March 2013daughter and i alternated between finding shady places to cool off and looking at all the displays, including one by the sheffield spinners

there was even a toy story bouncy castle, but we resisted the temptation to have a go (it was too hot)Steamfest 1 - March 2013a steam train ran regularly, taking passengers who were waiting at the historic railway station (unfortunately i omitted to photograph them)Steamfest 14 - March 2013i learned that tasmanian fine ice creams are absolutely delicious (i had the lemon cheesecake flavour)

we saw a few people in historic costumeSteamfest 17 - March 2013we browsed through a wide variety of market stalls, including a display by the local collectibles club (husband had rejoined us at this stage)

lots of vintage machinery (many in working order) were on show, including this ‘mystery object’, which we thought might be a grain thresher

i couldn’t resist buying a rustic little wooden birdhouse to use as a prop in my gallery, which my daughter ‘carried’ for meSteamfest 19 - March 2013all in all, it was a great day!