photo diary 5




[‘secrets’ in new position; ian helping to install ‘tied’; ‘tied’ complete; ‘roses are blue’ with red ‘violet’ garlands – a visual pun]




this wrap has a story to tell
made as street art
stolen and damaged
returned and mended
ready for another
street art adventure …

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[next exhibition – Jumpers and Jazz festival, Warwick, Queensland]

problem solving

covering up the holes in my ‘tied’ wrap after a failed attempt at inserting eyeletstied - repair started b - rita summers 2013

ribbon loops and tiny crochet flowers (the flowers were hubbie’s suggestion)

blue roses and …

when i first made this for the street art component of ourĀ wrapped in st marys event, it looked like this –roses are blue - stitchedupmama 2013

then i decided to add red flowers, so now it looks like this –Winner - Open category - Stitchedupmama, St Marys, Tasmania

and guess what?

it won!

if roses are blue, does that mean violets are red?

[photos by rita summers and wendy fowler]