radical tea cosies, cont.

been quiet … enjoyed a computer-free day for mother’s day

today i was madly finishing my entries for the tea cosy exhibition in st marys community hall on 23 may

just had time to photograph them before i rushed off

i also entered an owl tea cosy made in the 1980’s by my mother-in-law – for display only, of course!

[for the pattern i used and adapted, click here]

dutch subversive crochet

i just love the work of this dutch artist … it’s so nice to know there are more people who do subversive crochet + stitch

my parents were dutch so i feel a link to her and her work in more ways than one …

some pictures to tempt you –

here’s the link to her website – check out the gallery and other links, and don’t be put off by it being in dutch … the art speaks for itself –