The unveiling – eco printing successful! 

To see the complete video (2.35 minutes, with music), click on the image … the moment when couturier Rudolf Ramseyer and I were trying to take a selfie. 

My mother’s skirt, nos. 3 and 4

Big day (big week actually) – but slow stitching keeps me grounded.

New – online course

Hidden Treasures 2b

Recently I’ve been looking at developing some online courses, and have written one so far. I would like to write some more so people anywhere in the world can learn about the processes I use. If anyone is interested in previewing my first one, it’s a cloth book workshop called Hidden Treasures that I made from eco dyed fabrics (you can also see a short video here – I would love to know your thoughts – even better, please consider enrolling for the course!

Having fun!

A short video.

After a pleasant Sunday afternoon spent foraging on our block of land, the ‘harvest’ released its colour and patterns in unexpected ways on fabric and paper. To see more, please visit

[in]visible threads 2

A detail shot of an eco dyed and hand stitched scroll I’ve been working on (the second in a series of four).