photo diary 5




[‘secrets’ in new position; ian helping to install ‘tied’; ‘tied’ complete; ‘roses are blue’ with red ‘violet’ garlands – a visual pun]




this wrap has a story to tell
made as street art
stolen and damaged
returned and mended
ready for another
street art adventure …

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[next exhibition – Jumpers and Jazz festival, Warwick, Queensland]

evidence + progress

re:- my previous posts … yesterday i cut off the damaged bits of the orange trim

these are the salvaged sections, which i will attempt to re-attach today

this is how the trim looked before the wrap was stolen and damaged (the black ribbons on the front were also torn off)TIED, finished b - Rita Summers - May 2013

and here are some new ties i found at our local op shop

making progress, i think!

problem solving

covering up the holes in my ‘tied’ wrap after a failed attempt at inserting eyeletstied - repair started b - rita summers 2013

ribbon loops and tiny crochet flowers (the flowers were hubbie’s suggestion)


i’ve been keeping this project ‘under wraps’ because it was going to be part of a street art exhibition last weekendTIED b - Rita Summers - May 2013

now i can reveal what i’ve been working ontied, by rita summers - photo by wendy fowler

it was made to wrap around a power pole as part of ourĀ Wrapped in St Marys event

however, i was rather shocked to find that it had been stolen sometime between day 1 and day 2 of the event

i put this poster on the pole so all the visitors to our town would know why that particular pole was now bare

STOLEN poster

to my surprise and relief, our local police sargeant brought it in to me on the afternoon of the second day

it was damaged, but it is repairable

i am so grateful to have it back

the fastenings will be altered slightly when i fix it – photos soon …

[photographs by rita summers, wendy fowler and janet drummond]