121 main street

on our way back from hobart yesterday we found this historic gem in kempton

the sign said light refreshments, and as it was lunchtime we knew we had to investigate

we were not disappointed

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wonderful food, beautiful setting, friendly hosts – we couldn’t ask for more!

time traveller

although i’ve been working hard on my timelines textile art, my other project has not been neglected

after some thought i’ve decided to call it time traveller

this one (as mentioned previously) is entirely hand-stitched

i’ve finished hand-embroidering the little squares

now i’m quilting around them

new pages, more art

i’ve been working on expanding my blog and adding ‘layers’ to my pages …

just added journal quilts and odyssey to the art quilts page, and passages to the mixed media page

[the above photo shows a detail of one of the journal quilts, called light]

hope you take the time to look at the new pages … even if i’ve already posted about some of the artworks, the pages are less ephermeral than posts, and more detailed