yet more subversiveness

the connected installation is starting to come together

bowl no. 3 (check out the previous posts about bowl 1 and bowl 2)

[crocheted with a size 10 crochet hook – strips hand cut from upcycled electric blanket fabric; electric blanket tapes and wire; torn silk, including vintage; satin ribbon]

subversiveness continues

this morning i finished a second bowl using materials from our dismantled electric blanket

it is crocheted from thin strips of the blanket material for the base and most of the sides

then i’ve added torn silk, including vintage silk linings, and satin ribbon

again, i let the ends hang out …

torn strips of silk are also piled into the basket

[7 inches diameter – top;  10.5 inches diameter – across widest point]

now to cut more strips for part 3 of this project …

even more subversive

in my previous post, i described the dismantling and possible repurposing of our electric blanket

starting with the wire for the base, i kept going until i ran out

next, i crocheted some of the stitched blanket edging which was cut off to access the wire

i let the loops and ends hang freely outside the edges

the cloth tapes used to tie the electric blanket (plus some more from my stash) add variety and texture

i also chained a long piece of wire that was left at the end of one row and another on the rim

possible name – connected

[size – 8.5 inches diameter, or 21.5 cm]

i’ve now started cutting the blanket fabric into long strips and crocheting them … more soon!

i’m becoming more subversive

yesterday my love and i dismantled our electric blanket

we weren’t just being destructive

it had actually stopped working

i thought the wool material would be great for dyeing

but being a subversive type, especially where crochet is concerned, i looked at the wiring (and my size 10 giant crochet hook) with a thoughtful eye

note the heat discolouration – lucky we didn’t catch fire

now i’m looking at the cotton tapes …

pocket swap 1

recently i was invited to join an online group called cloth paper studio

I have put my hand up for one of their swaps, which is to make a layered and stitched fabric pocket which can be incorporated into a book (click here to see a wonderful example of the finished product)

here is my first attempt for the swap, made from brocade, damask, silk, satin, linen and cotton from my stash, as well as trimmed edges from used teabags

it is entirely hand stitched

each of us will make 2 pockets to send away, and in return we will each receive 2 new ones from other members

at least one fabric has to be upcycled (not a problem for me, as most of what i’ve used is upcycled, as well as the buttons)

I also collaged the trimmings on top for added texture, and added a little bit of embroidery

just have to find a closure for it now …