bird brooch

something beautiful arrived in the mail today – lovely packaging tooBird brooch - Burrowed Fashion

thank you, ree smith of burrowed fashion!

[ree is my son’s very talented partner … she makes jewellery and accessories which are for sale at]


i love experimenting … i made two crochet cuffs featuring beads and hardware

however, one cuff sold before i had a chance to photograph it

this one i got in time

i’ve called it urban

the beads are sustainable wood

the buttons are from my stash and the washers came from the hardware section at our local supermarket

for sale – click here

honey i yarnbombed the yard 3

these started as mushrooms but ended up becoming woodland jellyfish … when I yarnbombed the yard and took photos of them, my autumn and spring garlands got into the act as well

honey i yarnbombed the yard 1

is it really yarnbombing when you only do your own yard?

i must say i rather liked how it changed it to an even more magical place … i was tempted to leave my creations there indefinitely

here’s a buttoned tree jumper on a cotoneaster bush that’s almost a tree – click on a thumbnail to see the big picture