New project on the go

Eco dyed vintage Japanese kimono silk, plus pieces of cotton interlock I used as ‘iron blankets’ when eco dyeing a top (love how they turned out).

Slow-stitching the vintage silk onto a piece of handwoven Donegal tweed given to me by my daughter.


[i’ve posted about this little book before, but the photos were not great – also, i’ve done more to it and almost finished another one …]

this little journal or book is completely hand-stitched

a book without words – it ‘speaks’ through its colours, shapes and textures

of course, you can always add your own words and/or drawings to its pages

waxed linen thread holds the signatures together

the spine features a needleweaving technique using a thicker cotton thread

pages are hand torn from beautiful wallpaper samples featuring leaves

i have also collaged some extra leaves on some of the pages
[the last photo shows both journals – i’ve not quite finished the second one]

for sale – click here

needleweaving + bookbinding

at our monthly journals anonymous group on saturday, one of our members showed us how to make a book which was bound using a needleweaving technique

i used pages from an old wallpaper sample book, some waxed thread, and perle cotton

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for sale – click here