babies + yarnbombing

being my usual subversive crocheting self is a lot of fun, but i do have a more serious side

i came across some lovely patterns for babies and decided i had to make them

this decision also provided a solution to the problem of using up my stash of crochet cottonscrochet wash cloth + photo frame - stitchedupmama 2013

the wash cloth came from a book called cute and easy crochet (Nicki Trench);  the photo frame pattern can be found here

of course, the yarnbombing continues as i repurpose some UFO’s (UnFinished Objects) to decorate some trees –

on a mission

the mission: knit/crochet squares or rectangles (25 cm wide, ties added)

the purpose: yarnbomb a St. Marys landmark on 1 + 2 June

the event: Wrapped in St Marys 2013

stitchedupmama’s efforts so far –

stitchedupmama - yarnbombing 1

stitchedupmama - yarnbombing 2