i have loved stitching ever since i can remember

i also love cutting and glueing paper, and drawing

my mother started me on a scrapbook when I was 4 (i still have it) and gave me fabric to make dolls clothes at about the same age

she also helped me make my first dress when i was 12

my dad loved to draw and paint and encouraged his children to do the same

so i guess it’s no surprise that i’ve always enjoyed creating

i started making cushions and quilts when our kids were young (for them and for our home)

later, after experiencing a trauma in my life, i opened a quilt gallery in an old church which we rented

i still make quilts, and i still have a gallery

the difference is …

i now make mixed media and textile art (including quilts), and the gallery is in a building we own

these images of my earlier textile pieces show where my textile art began, my own designs (mostly) but rooted more in more traditional styles

i hope you enjoy them, as i did making them, and learning from them

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[for up-to-date information about me and our gallery, click here, or browse the pages via the tabs above]

17 thoughts on “beginnings


    Hello Rita ! I wish you a wonderful Holiday Season and look forward to seeing more of your creative and unique textile artworks in 2014. I wonder would you be interested in the announcement above ? It comes from Sherri Lynn Wood (San Francisco). Have a look at her blog, I love her improvisation quilts.

    Just thought you would be interested. All the best to you and yours.



  2. Hi, I love your site. I use to live in Tassie. You did workshops at Selina’s in Latrobe. I was fortunate to by a bag from a quilt show one day. It was from one of the ladies who did a workshop with you, it had faces on it and lots and lots of beading. when I left Tassie 4 1/2 years back, stupid me sold it and do I regret selling it. I don’t suppose you have any info on this technique. I am into fibre art myself now and belong to th Contemporary Art group and W.A.F.T.A in Perth.


  3. Thank you Rita for visiting and commenting on my blog. I have been absorbed by your work for the past half hour and feel I’ve found a “soul sister” in Tasmania. 🙂 Your wonderful poem about art speaks to me. I love the piece on Etsy – I forget the title but it’s the upcycled blanket with ‘scars’ – LOVE it! I’ll definitely be back.


    • It’s a pleasure! And thanks so much for your lovely comments, both re:- my work in general and about my ‘scarred’ quilt (which I called ‘survival’). It looks like we’ll be ‘visiting’ each other often! =D


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