art purses

a series of work made using crumpled paper fused onto wool or felt … pastel, dye, stitch, metallic foil on paper; vintage silk lining –

secret admirer (first 2 photos), and of time and rivers flowing 1 + 2 (front and back views)

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22 thoughts on “art purses

    • Thanks so much for visiting and commenting! And it was a pleasure to visit your blog; I’ll definitely be revisiting … the blue/teal colour you mentioned is one of the shades available in the ‘dye-na-flow’ range, which is a paint-on dye. I love it too! =D


    • Thank you! Here’s how you can see them close-up: just right-click on any one of the slides, then select ‘view image’ from the drop-down menu … the image will open in a new tab. You can then zoom in on it by simultaneously pressing your control and + keys on your keyboard. To zoom out, do the same thing with your – (minus) key. Enjoy! =D


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