or – to give you the full title – [private] portfolio

this was my entry for the biblio art award 2012, offered annually by blarney books

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it took weeks of thinking, dyeing, collage, stitching and assembling

i made it from what was originally a book (great expectations by charles dickens); this was sent to me in a brown paper bag so that you didn’t know what you were getting …

while working on this, i sort of became estella havisham, so that this became her portfolio

not for sale

5 thoughts on “portfolio

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  2. That was worth searching for! Would have liked to have been able to see closer eg seen the stitching. I tried using Gallery on my blog but with textiles it doesn’t give the viewer long enough to appreciate the work, so I abandoned it. Looks like I will need a large pot of tea when I sit down to browse your work! Cheers KnitNell


    • Thanks so much for your visit and hope to ‘see’ you again soon! Glad you liked this … one way you can get a better look at pictures in a slideshow is to press the ‘pause’ button, then press the ‘control’ and ‘+’ keys down at the same time. It will then zoom in on that slide … to zoom out again, just do the same thing but with the ‘-‘ key! =D


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