this series of work is inspired by life experience and nature … they are a visual response to our own and the earth’s interdependance and fragility, and my faith as it intertwines with that

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upcycled and new fabrics, paper, cardboard and foam core were rusted in a series of solutions;  i also used shellac to seal the rusted surfaces of all but the fabrics

pva glues and pins were used when assembling the 3D items;  some plant-dyed or rusted fabrics, found objects and stitch were added

others are made predominantly from textile, using plant-dyed and/or rusted fabrics, stitch (including crochet) and embellishments)

for sale – some of the above items are available to purchase here

15 thoughts on “rusted

  1. Brilliant textural / sculptural sensibility, very cool work – my faves are: the fence piece, the nail piece and the horizontal book cover. You have ‘the touch’ – fantastic…


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