this mixed media art quilt is a tribute to generations of women in my/any extended family

materials –

  • hexagon template – found in my mother-in-law’s stash
  • grey wool fabric – from my mother’s skirt
  • brown wool fabric – handwoven donegal tweed, given to me by my daughter
  • plant dyed wool blanket – eucalyptus, wild cherry
  • copper nails – colonial, handmade
  • crochet as a applique – taught to me by my mother and my grade 5 teacher
  • embroidery – as above
  • found metal objects – includes broken silver ring, clothes peg spring
  • leather buttons – 1930’s, given to by my daughter
  • yo yo circles – plant dyed and rusted silk gathered over plastic milk bottle rings

symbolism –

the above items obviously have reference to the women who have influenced my life

perhaps not so obviously there are hidden symbols of some of the things these women do and were/are:

  • groups of 7 circles – a mother’s job is full-time, i.e. 7 days a week, around the clock
  • total of 28 circles – the number of days in the reproductive cycle
  • plastic milk bottle rings – the life-giving milk that every baby needs, and that every mother gives (whether her own or what she commits to buy)
  • copper nails – my mother was a migrant (as was my father, and all of their children, including me); these colonial nails symbolise her pioneering spirit, and also that of my husband’s forbears, some of whom were convicts (2 of them women)
  • broken silver ring – representing broken promises/relationships
  • clothes peg spring – for the mountains of washing they/we all did and do
  • flowers – for the gardens many of the women in our family have planted
  • lace – because we like pretty things, and need pampering sometimes

for sale – please contact me if you are interested

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