Memories of my mother’s button collection. 

Work in progress: ‘my mother’s skirt’, part 6.

2 thoughts on “Memories of my mother’s button collection. 

  1. what a memorable way to depict the relationship with the significant mother in your life…….in cloth, with hand me downs. ‘Do up your buttons’ is a phrase all children in our era grew up with! Today.. It is probably ‘do up your zip, (Velcro)’! We all had lessons to replace lost buttons from our mothers too! Nowadays the article gets thrown away if the connecting link is broken. It also implies to me an occasion for ‘connection’ or ‘link’ or ‘attachment’ & further exploration of the action warrants time & contemplation.

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    • On rainy days we were allowed to play with the buttons … I now have my own significant button collection, including vintage. The ones in this photo were a raffle prize from last week’s Friendship Day!


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